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Buso della Rana, the greatest cave in Veneto

The Buso della Rana cave is a Site of Community Importance (IT3220008) of the network Natura 2000 and is now one of the largest and most important karst systems in Italy.

The tourist/educational centre, set in the new large park of the ex-Maddalena quarry, offers adults and children the opportunity to experience this unique natural world.

  • Caving tours
    Into the cave, from the simple entry section to the deeper branches through the narrow siphon and the Caronte Pond, which can be explored using an inflatable boat.
  • Nature hikes
    The Faedo-Casaron plateau, where you can learn more about the botanical or wildlife aspects of the forest, geology or karst, with an exceptional series of beautiful sinkholes, karst fields and other superficial karst formations
  • Path
    Discovering culture and traditions of the area, including old rural districts, forgotten works and ancient knowledge.

We provide activities and laboratories for schools of all levels (water analysis, evolution and adaptation, ....) with the aim of transmitting scientific content related to nature and the environment.

Next to the new Incantamonte building, with restaurant and pizzeria, the Buso della Rana tourist centre has been open since May 2012 for schools, groups and individuals.

Theexcitingengagingimmersiveadrenalineunderworld adventure


The real adventure in the heart of Veneto's largest cave

Rana Classic


The real speleo-tuor adventure

Long hike, a loop trail through the Camerone dei Massi, Ramo dell'Argilla and Ramo delle Marmitte

  • Minimum age from 10 years
  • Helmet and headlamp rental included in the price
  • Price per pax: €20
  • Information and booking by email:

The activity is subject to evaluation of the weather conditions.

Easy Rana


The right solution for families

Easy approach to speleology, along the main branch through the "Sifone" to the famous "Laghetto di Caronte"

  • For children from 6 to 12 years old
  • Helmet and headlamp rental included in the price
  • Reservations for groups of at least 10 participants
  • Adult price: €10
  • Children up to 12 years: €6
  • Information and booking by email:

The activity is subject to evaluation of the weather conditions.

How to be well prepared
for a cave experience

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