How to be prepared for a speleo-tour in Buso della Rana

Everything is ready for the tour of the week, in the heart of the famous Buso della Rana cave, in Monte di Malo. But, how should I dress? Hiking boots or boots, T-shirt or jacket?
Here are our tips to help you enjoy your excursion to the full.

An cave experince in Buso della Rana

The Buso della Rana is a large karst system, with a total length of almost 40 km, a protected area of the Natura 2000 Network, where several young cavers have experienced their first steps into the underground world.

But the Buso della Rana is not just for cavers: its sub-horizontal morphology makes it suitable for visitors (always accompanied) eager to learn the secrets of this world.

On the other hand, as we always say, caves are natural laboratories where it is possible to understand more and better the natural processes of selection, adaptation and evolution: above all for this reason they deserve all our respect and the greatest possible protection.

So, let us assume that you have been fascinated by this introduction and have decided to come and try out an excursion with us in this splendid cave: the main question is "how should I dress?"

So, to help you choose the right clothing to enjoy the hike, we would like to give you our advice.

But be careful: always add a dose of personal interpretation and evaluation, according to your characteristics and habits.
The temperature

Let's start with the most characteristic climatic condition, the temperature.

As you know, caves maintain a constant temperature inside them equal to the average annual temperature of the outside environment. Understand?

For our latitudes, we are talking about a range between 13 and 15 degrees. This is the general rule, then the temperature of each cave can vary locally and be determined by other factors.

However, since the Buso della Rana is no exception, it is not hot, but not cold inside. But to be able to stay at 14 degrees for a couple of hours it is better to have everything you need to keep warm and possibly dry.
Water and humidity

The Buso della Rana is an active cave.

This means that water still actively plays its role as an erosive agent and is present, even in abundance, at certain times of the year (spring in particular).

The cave never has periods of complete drought, but inside it puddles, lakes, siphons, drips, etc. are always present and keep the environment wet and humid in every season.
The exploration route

The most popular excursion is the classic ring-route that goes from the Ramo Principale to the Cameon dei Massi, passing through the Sala da Pranzo, the Ramo delle Argille and the Ramo delle Marmitte.

This itinerary, as well as providing a complete description of the cave, also has the merit of being fun and varied, because among the tests to be overcome are the narrow siphon passage (into which you have to crawl), the Laghetto di Caronte (to be overcome by rubber dinghy) and above all the Marmitte (where the water reaches well beyond your knees).

All along the route, the bottom is made up of wet and slippery stones, puddles of water, wet walls: first of all, therefore, your clothing must be suitable to guarantee your safety.

Ruined/soiled clothing, old overalls, fleece you no longer use is fine. The important thing is to be dressed like an onion and then at the most to leave some garments along the route and take them back on the way back). Thick socks (the thicker they are, the warmer you will be, even with wet feet).

As for trousers, if you have thermal underwear (or tights, leggings, long, mid-season running trousers, etc.) they are perfect; alternatively, any "mountain" or trekking trousers.

For all excursions to the Buso della Rana, it is important to have a complete change of clothes (yes, underwear too!).

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